Two ways to play

I recently started an orchestra unit that introduced the string family with a homemade worksheet that goes along with a section in our text book. One class had time to use the text book to search for the answers, the other class followed along with a discussion-style. That class heard the answers and saw them written on the board. I told them spelling counted.

While going through the worksheets, I noticed in the questions regarding two ways to play string instruments, they had written “puking” and “[to]bow”. I chuckled, the bow/bow antonym complementing the puking part.

In the following question, students had to distinguish between the Italian versions of these ways to play. For Arco, the student’s answer was “to bow” and for pizzicato…”to puke”.

Is it odd that I was proud of the student to remember to drop the “e” before “ing”? I might make a copy (too bad I corrected the spelling already or it’d be a priceless piece of art) for my someday teacher-memory-book.

I am wasting the most gorgeous day of all time at the moment. I have felt kind of crummy all day, and though sitting on the couch isn’t helping me feel better or enjoy the day, it’s all I’ve had the energy for. I think, as disappointing as it is when a run or rollerblades or a bike are at my higher preference, I will settle for a walk after dinner. I would walk before dinner, but I’m hoping for an energy boost first.

I was practicing Fur Elise on piano (starting a Beethoven unit for a grade) when my next class came in. One of the students NAILED the composer right away. Oh, that’s Beethoven. I wasn’t expecting it out of this student, or any of them, as they are on the younger end, but evidently the student listens to it on iTunes all the time. Are you kidding me? Way to go, padres. Learning about Beethoven’s life…that has been interesting. I am remembering that portion of music history a bit more. He had a sad life…imagine going deaf in your late 20s as an employed musician and composer. It only added to his poor manners and temper.

My roommate used to say: Who are manners for? Everybody else. I miss that gal! It’s a lesson perhaps I can incorporate into the Beethoven unit :).

Time for a meal, sunshine, and a bit of work followed by the Biggest Loser (and probably some dessert…heh!). Have a great night!

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