Daily Archives: April 13, 2011

Treasure in Jars of Clay

I believe Jars of Clay was the first Christian band to catch my attention. My sister got their “If I Left the Zoo” album in 7th or 8th grade because we’d heard a song by them (on their original album, oops) at confirmation…and then another one at a girl’s sleep over at our youth director’s house. I vividly remember wanting to listen to them in order to like them in order to say I liked Christian music because I was largely unfamiliar with anything besides a couple songs we had done at VBS that were on the campy side (and tragically less cool because accompanied by tapes).

I insist that “If I Left the Zoo” remains in my top 5 most listenable albums. Usually it’s in the top 1 or 2…occasionally it drops if I’ve leaned too heavily on that statistic and worn out my ears. I heard someone describe Temper Track Trap as a go-to in the car. Well, “IILtZ” is too (coincidentally if it’s not NPR these days, it’s been Temper Track Trap, tracks 1, 2, 5, and 6 especially).

In an effort to stay current with my favorite band, I’ve been pretty keen on their releases. I think the only album since the Zoo that I haven’t bought was Redemption Songs, which K had bought. Boy was I surprised to see another album had been released in October of this year; the last one they released was in 2009, and before that 2006. It came up on Pandora, of all things. Am I out of the loop, or what? I’ll let you know how “The Shelter” stands up to their prior discography, if you’re interested.

I got a lot done at work today. 26 days with students remain. Are you kidding me? It’s going to be tight to push everything in before the end, especially with end-of-the-year interruptions…but we’ll make it. I’m hitting an upswing of anticipation for next year. I came to realize today that my position in an elementary school perfectly suits my creative style. I am not claiming to be artistic (besides musical), but I like making projects and take some pride in good products in the process. I made a banner for my last program that was an object of beauty (until it fell off the wall, it was displayed proudly in the hall…stupid masking tape), I’m making beautiful rhythm cards with construction paper (called tactile rhythm cards), a colorful and color-coordinated word-wall, posters, decorations, posters, worksheets. Elementary music teaching is the EPITOME of creative license for music teachers. At least material-wise. Have to say it would be pretty awesome to work with instrumentalists who could already read notes and rhythms…but for now I can embrace my audience and my outlet for paperstuff.

It looks as though it might rain; this is not ideal for the run I was planning to take…maybe I’ll skip it. I did ride my bike to and from work for the professional development portion of the day. The ride isn’t tough (a pretty straight 2-mile shot both ways), but the traffic is. For some reason, I don’t trust teenage drivers (wonder why) and the streets are full of them. That and young pedestrians who run into the street without looking…pedestrians whose names I know, and whom I’ll be chatting with at school tomorrow ;).

Have a restful Wednesday,