Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

A priceless gift

One of the classes involved in my program last week gifted me with a beautiful compilation book. Each person in the class journaled about their performance, corrected the spelling, drew and colored pictures and contributed a sentence about music’s value. The book was laminated, covered, and bound.

This is my first permanent teaching memento. Some people have to wait for the little tenure plaques (10 years of service!)…but I got this. The students were SO proud to tell me that I didn’t even get the copies–I got the only originals.

I have a feeling a book like this might get me through some of the tough days ahead (not necessarily this year; in general), and for that I am ever so grateful.

On my way to the bank this afternoon I heard a familiar piece on NPR and pegged it for one I’d played, though I was pretty sure I’d played a band transcription. After a few strains another movement started and the unmistakable “Nimrod” variation of Elgar’s Enigma Variations filled the car. I’d heard some Elgar earlier this week at school because Iowa Public Radio is promoting a Des Moines Symphony concert (that I’d love to go to, but will not go by myself) featuring the Enigma variations. It was beautiful. Ten years from now, if I have life left to live and the ability, I don’t want to be 10 years removed from gorgeous, high quality music, but more heavily involved than now. I believe in the quality of folk music and the rep we use for general music in our district, but it’s a different experience for a musician than playing a classic work. I need that again for the richness it offers.

I need to make a plan for this weekend, or I’ll be b-o-r-e-d. That shouldn’t be possible; as an adult there are always some house keeping chores or work to be done. Alas. I’ll get through it and make the most of it somehow.

Peace to you,