Daily Archives: April 17, 2011

interception, operatic absence, brown butter popcorn

I went on a run (#2, week 5) today and because it’s junk week in I-town (free hauling of stuff) spotted a short shelf that I had to have…but since I saw it at the beginning of my run decided to trust that it would be available in 20 minutes when I returned. Would you believe that a blue pickup truck turned into the driveway of the house with the shelf as I was crossing the driveway to look at the shelf? I couldn’t very well grab the shelf and run. At first I held my breath because he went for some planter pots first, but looking over my shoulder as I crossed the street, he stashed the shelves too. Well, dang.

I noticed, upon my return, that the trailer that was parked right outside of the door when I left my apartment building was more full than it had been. I’d been contemplating ways to ask them if they needed help unloading or unpacking, hoping to meet new neighbors…but the more-full trailer led me to conclude people were moving out. I noticed that the second floor door was propped open, and it turns out my delightful quiet (yet operatic singing) downstairs neighbors are moving out. That’s kind of a bummer, though not bad timing; last night I heard the non-operatic husband singing in the bathroom and thought “it’s weird to hear people in the bathroom”.

Sitting down to do some work at my computer I decided to make some popcorn and tea (which is definitely over steeped by now…oops…good thing it’s Good Earth and it never gets bitter). I put the butter in the microwave and mindlessly pushed the 30-second button 3 times. I melted 1 Tablespoon of butter for 85 seconds before it clicked that that was way too much time. The butter browned. I fixed the problem by adding salt and sugar to the popcorn, so as to make a carmel-ish kettle corn. It was pleasant enough. Snappy popcorn makes the largest popcorn kernals, fo sho. They explode from my air popper with SUCH force that I am left to be a bit afraid sometimes!

I found margarine in my freezer today! Who knew it was in there? Not me! Score :).

I had so much fun last night. SO MUCH. I remember why moving here was so tough (that’s not fun)…good people reside in Ames, Iowa. I have no doubt that good people reside in this place, too, they just don’t happen to all know me and show up at the restaurant I erroneously go to in order to meet “other” people. I’m looking forward to the next two weekends with such people, in their stomping grounds :).

Peace to you!


green shoes

I bought a pair of olive green shoes with my Kohl’s 30% discount. I’d been on the hunt for new brown flats (or black flats), and this is evidently sandal season, because those shoes were hard to find. There was a black version of the green shoes I bought, but for $10 less I could hardly walk away from the scrumptious color of green. How practical are green shoes? Yeah, I hear ya. Except I wear green a lot because I like green a lot…so more practical than you may have thought. Yesss!

I had a huge communication blunder tonight that resulted in a joyous surprise: it was like it was my birthday, but it is really only my 2/3 birthday :). I got a call from an unknown number, and when I called it back (I missed the call), I misheard the caller’s name and operated under the assumption of it being a friend who lives nearby (who is a mutual friend of the actual caller). She invited me to dinner to celebrate “Dave’s” birthday. This woman’s husband is named David, and though I’ve never heard him called Dave before, I was ready to roll with it. I agreed to find it and was looking forward to meeting an undisclosed number of people.

When I got to the restaurant on time, it was clear that their car was not in the lot. I tried going across the street to a fabric store, but it was already closed, so I sat in my car and waited until the time. Still no familiar car, so I went into the restaurant in case they had a new car. The seating attendant (host?) asked if I was meeting a group…I said “yes?” and proceeded to look behind the wall he directed me towards…it wasn’t my group. I waited at the bar, and worked on some questions I had been writing at a coffee shop between shoe purchasing and dinner waiting. A few minutes later, a couple friends from my connection group walked in. It turns out the party was for Steve…and I’d misheard the caller totally! What a pleasant surprise to be in the company of 16 people (?) who I am close with!!

Though the restaurant had great service, what made the night remarkable was how my plan-less evening was not only occupied but filled with fellowship. I am even more looking forward to summer for time planned in Ames with these fine people–can’t wait :). And there is talk of things happening “down south” too, so that’s worth a celebratory exclamation! Exclaim!

I should take off my lovely (non-blister-causing) green shoes and go to bed; it’s going to be a long day tomorrow otherwise :). Praise to Him for providing just what I needed without my asking!