green shoes

I bought a pair of olive green shoes with my Kohl’s 30% discount. I’d been on the hunt for new brown flats (or black flats), and this is evidently sandal season, because those shoes were hard to find. There was a black version of the green shoes I bought, but for $10 less I could hardly walk away from the scrumptious color of green. How practical are green shoes? Yeah, I hear ya. Except I wear green a lot because I like green a lot…so more practical than you may have thought. Yesss!

I had a huge communication blunder tonight that resulted in a joyous surprise: it was like it was my birthday, but it is really only my 2/3 birthday :). I got a call from an unknown number, and when I called it back (I missed the call), I misheard the caller’s name and operated under the assumption of it being a friend who lives nearby (who is a mutual friend of the actual caller). She invited me to dinner to celebrate “Dave’s” birthday. This woman’s husband is named David, and though I’ve never heard him called Dave before, I was ready to roll with it. I agreed to find it and was looking forward to meeting an undisclosed number of people.

When I got to the restaurant on time, it was clear that their car was not in the lot. I tried going across the street to a fabric store, but it was already closed, so I sat in my car and waited until the time. Still no familiar car, so I went into the restaurant in case they had a new car. The seating attendant (host?) asked if I was meeting a group…I said “yes?” and proceeded to look behind the wall he directed me towards…it wasn’t my group. I waited at the bar, and worked on some questions I had been writing at a coffee shop between shoe purchasing and dinner waiting. A few minutes later, a couple friends from my connection group walked in. It turns out the party was for Steve…and I’d misheard the caller totally! What a pleasant surprise to be in the company of 16 people (?) who I am close with!!

Though the restaurant had great service, what made the night remarkable was how my plan-less evening was not only occupied but filled with fellowship. I am even more looking forward to summer for time planned in Ames with these fine people–can’t wait :). And there is talk of things happening “down south” too, so that’s worth a celebratory exclamation! Exclaim!

I should take off my lovely (non-blister-causing) green shoes and go to bed; it’s going to be a long day tomorrow otherwise :). Praise to Him for providing just what I needed without my asking!

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