I confess that I used to listen to classical music radio so that I could tell people I listened to NPR. But when it came to the talking programs I was not a fan. I distinctly remember saying “ugh” and switching on several occasions.

But I discovered about a year ago (or maybe more?) that I love the programming. Sometimes the economical reports get a little repetitive (and the BP Oil Spill…whew, that was laborious to listen to after a few weeks), but I’ve been digging the Morning Report and All Things Considered a lot. What’s more, even during the day if I have a significant chunk of planning time I’ll turn on the music programs, too. What’s fun is that, having taken music history and having taught some historical music units the pieces and genres/composers are familiar. A+.

Perhaps what I like best about the public radio station is its “quiet-ness”. Today has been a loud day!  Can’t really explain it, but I felt no option but to raise my voice to overcome the din and clatter of a buzzing class (listening to the Rock ‘n roll segment of our music evolution unit). Or the details in the reports they present; it’s not just the news. I mean, the news has its place, but I feel like NPR gives a bit of a more-informed perspective to current events. I don’t mean to assume I know which “direction” NPR leans…maybe they’re left, maybe they’re right. Maybe you don’t think I should appreciate their stories because of their bias…but I probably won’t notice even if you tell me. I’m a bit a-political right now.

Dinner time. french fries, I think.

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