Daily Archives: April 21, 2011

bad days better

A Shane and Shane song with the same title as the subject is coming to mind. I slept the whole night through (night #2 of 8 hours) and was feeling pretty refreshed and gladsome, but for whatever reason the day didn’t end up with such a good mood. I’m battling some wills at school…and the disciplining role makes me feel like Oscar the Grouch.

When I got home I decided to go for a run. My running regimen hasn’t been every other day as requested by the couch 2 5K program (I’m not sure anyone is going to make me run when it’s cold and raining…I’m a pansy), but I went for #3 of week 5. That’s 20 minutes without stopping. I didn’t make it…I stopped 20 seconds early because my side went into super cramped mode…I blame my odd hydration for the day (which is to say, not much). The pain of my side and my legs got my mind off of being grouchy and the endorphins released helped a lot.

Upon my return I got laundry in (Happy Jeans day today, tomorrow, and Friday meant laundry was imperative), made mac and cheese with my roommate, and settled down to rest. Now to get ready for bed…eventually!