Sunshine, other blogs, blue sky

My mind is playing a trick on me. Maybe. You see, the sun is shining like it’s 3:00 in the afternoon…or maybe 5. Except it’s after 7:00. This morning we had sun, but then really heavy, gray clouds draped the sky for the entire afternoon and most of the evening. Now they are totally gone. I don’t understand it. I’ve been really craving sunshine, so it’s not a bad thing, but I regret that I have no plans to capture the last few rays out of doors. I’m settled “in” for the night…this makes me feel a little guilty, since I am willfully wasting this feat of vitamin D and energy.

I’ve noticed lately that I read a lot of blogs. Some blogs that I am subscribed to aren’t that interesting (those are admittedly the ones that are published as intentional blogs of ministries or famous people…ish…in theology) and I don’t read everything they write. Some of the other blogs are sporadic updates from people who think they don’t have readers (if you “share” your blog on facebook and the link successfully comes up in the newsfeed, do you really maintain that you have no readers? I am the first to say facebook is a sinking ship in my web of interests, but a link to a blog is one of my few remaining enjoyments there). I love the home-improvement blogs. The ones that show high-quality DIY projects (and pictures), classy cooking (and classy pictures), and Jesus-glorifying home-making info. But the best of these don’t make a lot of claims to the author’s success…the worst of these blogs say “I had the greatest idea…adding ice to water to chill it” or some other unqualified deeming of generalized –est words. But still. Better than the news are personal anecdotes and accounts of life beyond my oikos.

I’d really like to pause and collect myself…not here in this post. That would be easily remedied by a “save draft” and “x-out”. I’m getting antsy for summer, but I don’t want to waste it or the remaining days of the school year because of this anxiousness. I have great aspirations to go from this first-year of teaching to high quality super-teacher in the course of one summer…a lofty, [likely] unattainable aspiration, granted, but that’s where my efforts are headed. I’d also like to become a Bible Scholar with the help of some intense Bible Study, a runner, and the producer of many hand-knit items. I just can’t seem to hone in on any one thing, which might explain the piling-up syndrome I’ve been festering. My piles are pretty precise, but they are getting to be the “norm”, which is kind of gross. To make it worse, I have kind of a list in my head (which is not unlike a pile) of things to take care of in regard to these piles…namely finding new homes that are more conveniently located for items that are often kept out. Summer?

That’s all I’ve got. The sun’s finally looking more like it ought to at this time of night. Crazy.

Peace to you,

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