Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

Hello, sweaty

I took the week off of running. My evenings were happily spent occupied in a host of other ways and the weather was not ideal when I did technically have time. Today after Large Group contest (hosted by Indianola) I decided to take a walk to Hy-Vee to drop off my redbox and then run from there. It was a good plan, in theory, except in my rush to tie back my hair and get my headphones put in I selected the wrong podcast…which meant I was on week 7 instead of week 6. Fortunately, the last run of week 6 is a 25 minute run, just like all of week 7…unfortunately I planned to re-do the 2 ten-minute runs because I had taken time off. I didn’t realize it until about 12 minutes into the run. I decided to make it a shorter run anyway, kept running until a determined location and walked home in the aromatic flowering-tree air that makes May such a fantastic month.

I didn’t expect to be so sweaty though. Not to go into TMI or anything, but I felt sweat drop into my ear (from my forehead?)…I don’t like that feeling. I’m all for getting a bit of exercise, and raising the body temp is ideal in an Iowa spring or fall, but I never really took into consideration the ramifications of a summer running regimen being gross. That’s an oversight…clearly in Iowa it doesn’t even take much physical labor to get a bit damp…but it’s been so long that I forgot. Wake up call…a “no-duh” moment…whatever you want to call it, I am well aware now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it in the mornings…hard to do anything without coffee, but don’t especially look forward to coffee before a run!

I suppose I should figure out something to do for the evening and get some dinner eaten. Maybe even on my deck, in all it’s 10 square feet (ish) green-stuff encrusted goodness. Okay, maybe 15. Happy early mother’s day!