I was gifted an old dresser today.  It was a curb-find, evidently, and it was full of plenty of curb stuff (a mustache clipper, I believe. That sucker’s in the trash. Gross), missing a couple knobbies, and in need of some TLC, but it seems to be fairly sturdy. Once I wipe it down and paper the drawers (I could probably paint, but that would require having somewhere to do that, which I do not at this time, and am not willing to lug the thing back downstairs for no reason) I’ll start thinking of the knobs and things. Did you know neato knobs are even available at Target? Just think of the finds you could find at an actual hardware store. Awesome.

I also toured an old house to possibly rent. I have a lot to think about, being as it is old…and kind of far away. And not the greatest setup for a roommate (well, a couple could live there, but the second bedroom is about the size of my walk in closet…). We’ll see. But that has me thinking of houses again. I know the decision to go back to school or buy a house or change jobs or move is up to me, but (like a lot of people my age, I’m sure) I want to be careful…so much so that the agony of deciding is great. My discipler once told me to pray for wisdom and trust God for that (Thank you, James, for that word in chapter 1) and not wobble back and forth after that. Do I pray for wisdom in faith without doubt, or am I the wave on the sea? I can’t decide ;).

I went to the Target at Southridge on the way home. Wow, it’s a ghost town. I bought a clearance item. In honor of my blue tea cups I bought a creamer cow. It has a tacky “target home” label on the bottom (thanks so much for covering that with a sticker, Target), but it’s kind of fun. And it goes with my pie-vent rooster, white with blue porcelain. I’ll have a whole zoo before you know it.

I haven’t eaten yet and I have Bible Study to go to. At least as far as I know. 🙂 Not having texting puts ME in the “olds” category sometimes.

Have a great end-of-the-week!

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