Daily Archives: May 16, 2011

misleading; terminator too; not my art.

How many phrases can I put in a subject line?

I was pulling out a dish when I saw a receipt from Wal-Mart that I got when I used the self-checkout a week ago. It says: Fast. Fun. Easy. It wasn’t fast (I was buying cards which didn’t weigh in on the scale, so it kept yelling at me to bag my items), it certainly wasn’t fun. It was easy, minus the whole fighting the machine bit. Seeing as it’s a tool that keeps people from having to be patient and rely on human service, I oppose the “fast, fun, easy” label. I usually avoid them at all costs. For some reason I didn’t that day.

I went to a local lutheran church’s production of Go, Go Jonah. It was way cute. I remembered some of the songs (in fact I believe I sang one or two out of nowhere in the last year, not recalling their origin). Made me pine a bit for the year of youth ministry I enjoyed.

Did you know Indianola is host to a gigantic heavy metal type concert/festival? LazerFest is practically in my backyard (the balloon fields). I was on a run *my first 5K of running (though I paused the run for some walking a couple times)* when I heard sirens…which weren’t for a tornado as I supposed, but to open for a screamo band. I’m finding it really difficult to discern art in this…I can hear a lot of it from inside my apartment a couple miles away. Sometimes there are some chords and stuff, but the likelihood of deafness far outweighs the possibility of detecting chords or pitches in all that noise. Too harsh? Perhaps. It’s entirely possible that the people on stage aren’t just performers but musicians. I am a person who lends credibility to rappers for their clever wordsmithing, and yet I can’t put my seal of approval on this genre. Alas.

Enjoy the week. It should be a good one here – I have a summer roommate!!! 😀