Today’s the last Tuesday of school with students. WOW, that means that I have had my last Day 3 of the year. Crazy, right? I’m feeling some anxiety about the end of the year clean up…which means I want to start early, but as long as I have kids in the room it’s probably not possible/polite/smiled upon to clean up the learning materials. HA.

I am a couple rounds and a graft away from completing my first magic loop sock with sock yarn. I have made socks before, but never with magic loop method or sock wool. Fantastic stuff, I’ll have you know. Can’t wait until the pair is done.

The weather has been gorgeous this week so far which makes being inside to do work difficult. That and I have quite a plate full of work to do (this for camp, not for school)…good work, but kind of a “where do I begin” work. I’m praying for efficient time management and productivity.

I get to rejoin my connection group soon. I’ll have a hiatus for camp, but then look forward to reuniting for weekend/sunday evening study and fellowship. It will be savored, indeed.

I have to take the lunch I packed and head to school for some World Drumming in the morning fun. Have an enjoyable and God-centered Tuesday.

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