this concludes…

Today was the last official day on the school calendar. Technically it’s already the next day because I’ve got some strange will power to stay awake unreasonably late on a stormy non-school week night…but as I haven’t gone to bed yet, it’s still Tuesday night. While we were recognizing years of service and retirement in an all-staff program/assembly today, I couldn’t help but wonder how fixed I’ll ever be in a community. Some of those teachers began their teaching careers in this district and remained for 30 some years. All sorts of thoughts ran through my head; will I be committed to one district long enough for even a 10-year tenure? I can’t imagine actually retiring at this point…will I be so inclined into my upper years? I was assured that the first 10 years go fast. With 10% of that taken care of, it’s a case of “I’ll take your word for it”. I have a feeling enough living will fit within the next 9 years to hasten the passing of the decade.

I watched the second installment of Anne of Green Gables tonight. I love stories anyway, but there were moments of total empathy for Anne’s character…her first day at the Ladies’ College in particular. If my hair were red, it might have been a picture of some of my teachable moments (though I was the teacher, it was I who learned the most). Last night we celebrated the conclusion of classes with Ramona and Beezus, which is a fabulous take on the life and mind of 7 year old Ramona Quimby, as originally written by Beverly Cleary. I loved the family elements of the film.

Well, my summertime resolve is weak in its newness. I cannot stay up so fashionably late after all…ha. Vanity.

Grace to you, and Peace,


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