Today is my first full day back in Indianola since going to training for camp more than 2 weeks ago. I found my mattress to be SO comfortable that I couldn’t sleep (not to mention 3 thunderstorms within 90 minutes or so), but it was lovely to ignore the alarm. And drink coffee; strong coffee…

I have strong desire to have a purposeful summer while at home during the week. Some of that summer will be spent in my classroom preparing for year #2, some of it will be spent working on camp stuff from home, and then there’s a class I’m taking, but outside of that I don’t want to squander this enormous gift of time. Here are some of my purposeful ideas:

practicing (Clarinet, Piano, other instruments?)
pen pal-ing (bringing it back)
running (5K in less than a month…gulp)
exploring this part of the state southern, central-ish Iowa
sorting, clearing out
studying (the Bible, music stuff)
investing in peeps here

I believe the last one will be the trickiest. I am SO glad to have M here with me–we got to celebrate her b-day yesterday with pizza and pie and it was great to catch up on the last 2 weeks. I’m hoping to spend my daytime hours with people to some extent, too. We’ll see what that ends up looking like. I’m all for solitude, too,  but in moderation…in excess is where the squandering begins for this gal.

If you have a chance, try to pick up a copy of Tim Keller’s Prodigal God. It’s a fantastic breakdown of the parable…and you might find yourself identifying with the elder son more than the younger. But most importantly, Keller takes a close look at the Father and his “extravagant, wasteful spending” of love on two undeserving, unaware sons. Beautiful.

Peace to you!

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