brick wall. attitude problem. hope.

I have run into several frustrations today, like brick walls. I finally loaded up the sticky redemption cans and bottles. During the school year I refrained from putting the empty things in my car for two reasons…kids seeing what was in my car at school or at the grocery store with their parents. I have a few glass bottles that have been collecting for a while…a long while. Some even from my seester….definitely not school appropriate bottles.  Anyway, I took them to HyVee where 3 machines out of 8 were actually functioning…1 of them wouldn’t take a single plastic bottle of mine (take that back, one of them worked) despite them all being purchased from or sold by HyVee and the other two machines were occupied by folks who had been stashing cans longer than I or more proficient in collecting them. Or something. I decided to go elsewhere with the cans so as not to be impatient or find the machines to be full (an aggravation, you might suspect).

So I took my cans to Fareway…I was wise in asking them how to return cans before loading up a cart. They don’t take them at all. At. All. I think there is a law about selling deposit bottles and not taking them back. I contemplated researching that law and turning them in on the drive home. Ha. I will not be going there, as I’ve concluded that I will take my cans to a bigger community (west des moines) and hopefully have no issues. We’ll see. I’m overall not a fan of the automatic machines. I miss Cub Foods more every day.

Another brick wall was finally remembering to buy handles for the dresser that was donated to me only to find that some idiot impatient person painted the inside of the drawers without taking out the hardware first (wasn’t me!!). Which means that the threads on the bolts are painted over, which I didn’t think would be too problematic (I have muscles enough to tackle a little paint, right?), but it is. The bolt cannot be held stationary from the front, so the whole thing just turns. I need another hand and a second, possibly better, pair of pliers. The new handles are way cute, but don’t match the old ones whatsoever. So I’d be in favor of getting that fixed. Any ideas from the great void?

The final brick wall frustration was trying to pay my qwest bill online. I have signed in no fewer than 15 times today and it won’t let me pay the bill, saying there’s an “oops”. I ended up calling and paying by phone, but never having had any trouble with the online payments I am slightly concerned that it may never work again. And that all of my paying information is lost in the void. I’ll probably call customer service if I can’t sign in tomorrow either.

Perhaps most frustrating has been realizing that small things like this can take my attitude from good to bad in nothing flat. I really want to cling to God’s goodness and the things I have been learning about worshiping Him.

It’s really super duper hot in my apartment, so I think I should work really hard to check some things off my list for today so I can read with a fan and some watta. Hope you’re well!!


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