This blog was named way back in the 2005-2006 school year (or was it the year after that) for one of my biggest identifying traits: playing the clarinet.

What occurred to me while my iPod was on shuffle and played a lot of the rep that I have collected for clarinet this morning on my way back from Ames, and then later as I was PRACTICING in my apt, is that there are a fairly large smattering of people who know me post-clarinet. They don’t even realize how immersed in the instrument and its quirks I once was. I’ve been leaning towards practicing again anyway, but as the ever-so-famous show choir tune states: I’ve got the music in me. It’s sure a little rusty–I look at the scratchings for “pop” and “taper” and even better…”tah wut tut tut” and “dah” in my Jettel, Rose, and Baermann and I am reminded of the significance, but it’s not an easily identified thing.

With the DMO being in Indianola, I am toying with auditioning for next summer’s pit orchestra. There aren’t really other venues for my playing. Can I put it out there that despite all the years of chamber playing I’ve never been asked to play for a wedding? It’s not looking like it will happen in any sort of near future, but what a neat gift that would be to offer for a couple.

I think now that I am outside of undergraduate clarinet study I have the option of going “out of the box”, however unfounded by my minimum degree and maximum rust, but I am a little interested in popular clarinet music…jazz, more specifically. We’ll see. The best part is listening to lots and lots of it to learn about sound and style.

God gave me this summer with some downtime, and I intend to use it well.

That is all. Peace!

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