I have been in the twin cities visiting my sister this week. It’s been most excellent and refreshing…but it hasn’t been as much running and training as I had hoped. I don’t regret the way we’ve spent our days (certainly haven’t been sitting around much), but in light of Midnight Madness being this Saturday, I have some nagging nerves.

Today I decided to lace up the tennies and go for a spin by the Mississippi River…it’s a pretty flat, gorgeous, and uninterrupted by traffic trail that goes past Karen’s abode. Though the pedometer feature of Google showed my route being a bit better than 3 miles (assuming found it accurately on the map. I may not have), I am glad to report that the entire route did not require ANY walking. That is a feat. 40 minutes of pretty steady pace jogging. I wonder if I could have upped the pace a bit, so I could have finished 3 miles a little faster, but I am relieved that the need to walk didn’t cross my mind. I might have kept going (didn’t feel bad when I decided to stop), but thought that pushing myself wasn’t today’s wisest option.

Now I need a cold shower and a dry shirt :). At least it was cool…Saturday will likely not be so kind. 🙂

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