jitter bug

I returned home from a week in mpls today. It was a grand week…I think reality will probably hit tomorrow that the peak of the summer has passed and only 5 weeks remain until work starts (and our b-day…which coincides again).

Since coming home I have been working on dinner fixings for tomorrow’s connection group and trying not to get worked up about midnight madness, which is tonight. I’m not really a worry-wart lately and I keep assuring myself that this run is not all that different from my recent runs, with the minor exception of my closest 2500 friends joining me. Or so. Maybe it’s only 2000. Anyway, I wasn’t really sure where and when to go to pick up my # and shirt, but found a brochure with that information online and saw that I could have gone as early as 2 and as late as 7. I decided, being a person of sage wisdom (er, based on the top-ten list for beginners I found in a google search), to go early. I’m glad I did, as there was no wait, but there’s a bit of fervor downtown. Crazy. I even ran into a former athletic competitor from Nevada (the town, long-A, not the short-A state). I will have a chip (for timing), a number, and 4 BLESSED safety pins. This was a relief to find, as I managed to find 2 of the tiniest safety pins in America in our sewing box, and that was it. I must have all the rest in Indianola.

I was also given a shirt, however I know that it’s not cool to wear said shirt to its race. That made the top 5 of the list, if I remember correctly. And I got a wristband for an after-race party. Turns out that wristband costs $5 for other friends to join, so I’m thinking my stay at the spaghetti and ice cream feed will be short-lived. Next year I’ll bring a friend (K…hint, hint) and we’ll make a go of it.

Now in the last 1.5 hours before my preferred arrival time (me and 1999 others) I need to change, eat some oatmeal (fantastic food, minus the hot temp), and affix my chip to my shoe. And possibly have a bit more water. The consuming of water is a tricky thing to time, however…prolly should have thought of that before today so as to keep track of how soon a glass of water makes its way through on a hot day.

Next time I write, my long-term goal will have been achieved! 🙂


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