I wrote a post a while back about a free dresser I got. And then another post about replacing the knobs (which I accomplished, not sure if I ever followed up on that–the wonders of nail polish remover). Today I’m making a note that it stinks still. Granted, the heat and humidity that I refuse to fight, mostly anyway, by way of air conditioner, allows the dank smell to persist in the air…but seriously. Stop stinking. No amount of newspaper, cleaning, or air freshener is going to help that baby. And that stinks.

I stink, too. I heard some expected, though stinky news about some plans for the fall (which will remain vague for the sake of the unknown readership who might not understand without a full explanation that I am not willing to make here) and decided not to cry about it but to go on a run. The heat index is supposed to get really bad tomorrow, not today, so I thought this would be my last opportunity for the next 5 days or so. Whatever…it was so hot and humid I was ailing. And sweating. Now stinking. A shower is definitely in order, but I’m going to aim closer to bed time so as not force a second shower in the morning.

I got to meet a fellow just-finished-her-first-year teacher today through a small world connection and had SUCH  a great chat. I am praising God for the unique connections He has provided, and the smallness of His world…granted, it’s a lot bigger than my experience, but when someone from western Iowa is connected to someone from central Iowa through a chance connection group social by way of sibling relationship and happens to know lots of people in common, it’s evidence of this world being smaller than I once thought. I am hopeful for a network of up and coming general music teachers to be established through some of these connections, and as we learn from trusted mentors and colleagues, perhaps we can be teaching one another. Or something.

I get to see K this weekend. Just for a quick Friday evening through Sunday morning jaunt, but it’ll be great. Just can’t get enough of that girl. 🙂

Peace to you

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