school days

I’m taking Kodály I at Drake this week and next. WOW! I’m going to learn so much. Already in just one day I feel a bit like a hair-elastic that has been stretched as far as possible and then can’t quite go back to normal. But it’s awesome. The days are really blocked out (you’ll have that with a 10 day class), so there isn’t much chatty time or even work-on-homework time (until at home…and here I am taking care of a couple errands online and blogging), but it’s awesome.

And I’m in the company of people who know what I do, love what I do, and encourage me to do better at what I do. LOVE that. [also, you might appreciate my appreciation for academia]. I have a fear that they will expose my lack-of-training-singing and some of my youthful inexperience (they’re making jokes about college kids and student teachers that they could probably easily apply to me…but they don’t let on that they know I’m still 23)…but we grow through tough things, and that would probably qualify. I’m really grateful to know a couple people in the class, but there are some opportunities to talk with and enjoy the others. That’s awesome. The bigger my network gets, the better my school year goes (more friends in the biz, you see).

I need to clear up the dinner mess (just salad…aren’t fresh groceries a pleasure!?) and get practicing with that new tuning fork o’ mine. A-440 is going to be in my head from now on…or at least near it, on a necklace. HA!

Peace to you,


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