I am past the halfway point in my Kodály class, and can I just say I am going to miss it when it is done? Number one because I fear my inspiration and motivation to be the best music teacher possible will wane apart from the happy company of so many musical types. I am learning SO MUCH. And yet I know (kind of like how it works with sin) that the more I know, the less I know. I intend to make some long term and short term goals for Kodály in my classroom.  Also because it’s reminding me that even with the tests and projects and nervousness that come with, upper-level learning is really fun. I love being stretched musically throughout it all. I am not simply learning about some things that general grade-level teachers find useful for the sake of earning credit. I am learning what is immensely useful to me for the benefit of students. It’s beautiful.

I have a feeling this will severely affect my fall. We’re talking major planning and preparation from this woman. Which will be a drag when the weather reaches its optimum temperature and humidity for this state…but hopefully the work this year will pay off and make next year easier…and the year after, and so on. And then eventually I’ll enjoy even more fall weather because I’ll be more efficient at planning. Now if I could just figure out how that will look with a program in November…did I really sit in on the scheduling meeting and not speak up for another date? Next year, things are going to change…

The only downside to taking a class about general music is that they are so good about referencing their resources and suggesting staples to have. I am SO thankful to my predecessors for stocking my music room with some of the priceless books that are a good chunk of my budget back when they didn’t cost so much. All that I have bought this week is going to be my personal copies so that I can have them should I ever teach elsewhere…of course, I’ll miss the costly ones my school already has, but perhaps I’ll be in a position to invest in some of those, too. Or purchase them for the school. We shall see.

This time of year is rampant with back to school items. Markers are my favorite. Target had them for $1. I bought 2 packs. Hehe.

I should read. Peace!





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