Daily Archives: July 29, 2011


I’m tired.

But I don’t think that mentioning it will be fully understood…being tired is not that unusual among the people I know and live around. Students study late into the night (my time with that is ending shortly), counselors stay up with kiddos, adults don’t sleep like they used to, kids play hard, etc. And by mentioning my tiredness I am not acknowledging my preference of wakefulness to sleep (not that I think sleep is for the weak, I just don’t spend most of the day wishing I was asleep).

I’m bringing it up because it’s been chronic this week. Perhaps it’s the moon, or the weather, or the fascinating things keeping my brain reeling into late hours (aka homework), or my unrest in deficient quiet time…but it’s evident. My eyes are tired, my shoulders are tired, my brain.

The class is almost over, and I am SO thrilled for it. I can’t emphasize that enough. If only I could press pause and spend an interrupted week or two planning the entire year for one grade level…but that will not be the case. I’m heading up to work intently and intensely on the quilt auction for a week (the big dance is August 6, if you can call it that) and then packing for moving will ensue. Crazy talk, I know.

And with that I should quiet my mind and get to bed. Somehow…morning will be here soon and my packing is incomplete. Oops!