Please open the door

I’m moving into a new apartment that has so many heavy fire doors. It’s a wonder so many of the residents are retired and older…these doors pose a problem for me. Taking the elevator doesn’t eliminate a single door, either, as you must go through a door to get to it. Ha!

As I pack up and take loads over there, eagerly anticipating the arrival of my sister tomorrow (who I had hoped would not need to help at all, I find that moving alone is exhausting. I don’t know if I can just leave my car open…I don’t mind leaving the outside doors propped to the building, let alone the inside, but only 1 out of the 4 doors I have to go through just to get to my hallway is able to prop…a brick or shoe would remedy that, but when you’re by yourself it’s awkward.

As I’m saying good-bye to this humble abode, I am excited for the season to come. I have no doubt it will take adjustment as it always does to move into a new place and with a new person, but I am hopeful that I can settle there a bit. My heart is longing for a house home, and all the more as I find myself even liking this town a little more. But I cannot help but be thankful for the plans that God has for me right now. A season of making decisions. I tell you what, even though I have lots of things (I’ve been a very successful saver of things), I am pleased to report a certain assertion to “delete” things from my sentimental attachment tendencies. I know, delete is an unfit word choice, but that’s really what it feels like, as though I am erasing a file on my computer that I could use again, but decide that I will not.

I have a moving crew coming from Ames, Iowa. No joke, these awesome servants are willing to serve even an hour away from where they live. Is this evidence of my failure to connect here or my prolonged attachment to my former community? Perhaps, but my involvement this summer assures me that it’s not overly out of place. And it allows me to be moved and very grateful.

I should keep working. I have successfully changed my address, transferred utility services, and paid some bills, but I’ll have to take care of insurance tomorrow. Next week: the DMV :P.

Peace to you!!

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