Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

wiped whirlwind whoa weekend

I am in a new apartment thanks to the faithful love and help of a bunch of people I know from Ames, Iowa.  The neat thing, though it’s my connection group, it was almost an entirely new group since the time I moved from Ames to here…which means that I don’t have seven best friends in Ames who will do anything and everything for me, but instead I have a community that is willing to pitch in even though they’ve moved about 9 people in the last 3 weeks. I still have lots to do, but I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I have to put it out there.

Also on the VIP list for moving was my sister who headed up some special tasks (arranging my bedroom, for one thing) and provided excellent company and support along the way. She’s headed back to MN tomorrow (bleh) and we parted ways after a grand day at the fair. Which means we’re both really tired. But that’s good.

School starts this week. What!? I don’t have to be there until Tuesday, but I’ve decided tomorrow can be a day too. I’m observing in the morning and working in the afternoon to get my classroom to back-to-school-night readiness (Thursday).

That is all. I should end my hour long milk, sitting, and surfing break with some hardcore unpacking, settling, and music listening.