Daily Archives: August 16, 2011

Back to School

My new contract year starts tomorrow. Today I spent about 4.5 hours in my own classroom and 3+ hours in someone else’s (observing!)…and it felt really good to be back. I am really thankful for the new year and the excitement this time of year brings.

Today a lot of the stuff I ordered at the end of the year was delivered to my room. This includes a drum (a tubano!), a plethora of office supplies (Ticonderoga #2 soft pencils, sharpie pens topping the list), and a host of other things. FUN.

Our living room is set up. It’s a lot more interesting than the last one, as we have an offset couch and a closet that breaks up the monotonous entry way-dining room-living room. I don’t have an eye for furniture placement, but my roommate does. Score! I even “installed” my knitting in the former TV cabinet (we don’t have a TV, which so far is OK), so there’s plenty of fun stuff to do. The keyboard is also here, next to a book shelf of sheet music.

I really like this place a lot except an unnatural number of flies out on the deck and in the apartment when the sliding glass door is closed. I’ve initiated a massive campaign against them and have come out barely ahead…there remain a handful of flies at any given time (probably not a literal handful), but I’ve probably killed more than twenty. I stalk them as though I’m a careful hunter. I might need a new fly swatter soon…my strength and speed are not well matched to the weapon I wield. 🙂

I strongly desire to become settled in here. We’ve got the living room, but the kitchen table is MIA (under my stuff, regrettably) and my bedroom is a work in progress. A little progress every day…

Peace out from a not-much-longer-to-be 23 year old.