A word about birthdays

Okay, it’s a post. Not a word.

Today is my birthday, and my sister’s birthday. It’s always been an exciting time of year to have a birthday…I mean, you have school to look forward to (plus all those school supplies), a little celebrating, and lots of affirmation and love. Grand.

It’s weird to have all of that true now as a grown up, but not in the traditional setting and company. K is hundreds of miles from here doing her own thing. I worked today (I don’t think I ever would have imagined school starting on my birthday as a child). It’s not common knowledge (apart from fb) that it’s an extraordinary day for me, which puts me in the strange position of deciding whether or not to tell people. When you’re a kid, the whole year is about your birthday…the one you just had or the one that’s yet to come. As an adult, it’s awkward. If I tell you it’s my birthday, how can you not respond “Happy Birthday”…and isn’t it contrived? Alas.

Can I just say my dad is the authority on fly swatting? I’ve killed about 20 on my own in 4 days, but he smacked them down like nobody’s business..about 15 in one minute, all on the first try. I told him I’d sleep on the couch if he’d be my resident swatter. He didn’t take the offer…I’ll have to improve my tactics of persuasion.

Stories and memories mean a lot more to me this year on my birthday. Perhaps because there are more than a handful of memories and stories to choose from (I’m getting up there 🙂 )…I heard the story of the night I was born tonight. Tears are coming to my eyes again. This life is such a gift, and to think that God’s love extended to me in His creation of me and salvation of me is very powerful. He gave me the parents and sister that He did with purpose and intent. WOW.

My dear roommate blessed me this morning. Ephesians 3:14-20 read with my name inserted and a hand on my shoulder. All this before a fabulous breakfast she prepared. I am so well loved and so undeserving of a great roommate and living situation, Praise to God for this season.

I’m really excited about my classroom. I knocked down three bulletin boards today, and some more decorating. Tomorrow will probably be my big day for gradebooks, planning (eep!), rules and procedures posters, and some long-term vision.

I’ve been experimenting with hair-dos lately, compliments of pinterest.com which points me to tutorials. I’ve been frenchbraiding for about two thirds of my life (my first attempts were at 7 or 8), but these simple variations are AWESOME. I might have found an “up-do” that I can do. Very fun.

Knitting again…back to it. Fish hat #2 🙂

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