Daily Archives: August 18, 2011

functional and deferred

My mail is functional! I received a package from a dear friend today with sweet pea scented things from BBW. It’s my favorite (how did she know?).

I tried to donate blood because they called on my eligibility day saying that they had an emergency…my iron count was 1% too low (needs to be 38…I was 37). I was a little upset. Then I went to Kohls and found a bathroom rug that should have been free with a coupon I had, but the way they calculated the savings meant that I had to pay $2 for it. This reminds me of the Stuff Christians Like post from earlier today. I paid $2 for a rug and found room to complain? Yikes. It’s a nice rug, not a typical $2 quality rug.

I had an excellent meal and chat and chai with G tonight. The porch was the perfect place to sit. I am aware that the stress of the school year is yet to come, but I am so at peace and excited for the year. Love it.

And I got more furniture at school. The library replaced some shelves to accommodate the new screen, and I hesitated to take a double-wide shelf, but now am really pumped to have proper book storage instead of book ends on file cabinets (for my teacher books). It’s looking schnazzy and even made a little nice/nook in the back corner of my room. I’m thinking about putting a rug in there (which I don’t currently have, but whatever) and making it a little listening center or something. But that will be down the road).

Peace be to you!