Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

break in

Typing that subject line might give the impression that someone broke in. Nope. I was thinking about an analogy for the new year, new place, new church (especially new church as it’s on my mind) and fellowship, and it’s a lot like breaking in a new pair of shoes. I have had two pairs of shoes in my life that made my feet bleed profusely within a hundred yards of donning them. One was a pair of dress shoes that eventually stretched out by me putting on three pairs of socks and walking around my dorm room. The other was a pair of “tennis” shoes (supposedly fashionable) that were thrown away without much of a second chance. Those were awful.

I’d like to suppose that all of the things that are new will end up like the shoes that did break in. Now they’re a little past their prime and in danger of being replaced, but they’ve had a long, good run once I got past the early strain. But that strain…whew. Makes me want to give up altogether…and not in a depressed, forlorn way…just a tired, I would rather go back to the old comforts way. Throw away the new shoes, wear the old ones, and look for a new pair with less enthusiasm.

But I’ll stick it out. The sun will come out tomorrow, a sense of accomplishment will eventually present itself when it comes to school work, and I’ll make friends and connections in this community that I’m in. I have to believe that God has me here intentionally and maintain hope that he’ll reveal it soon.