break in

Typing that subject line might give the impression that someone broke in. Nope. I was thinking about an analogy for the new year, new place, new church (especially new church as it’s on my mind) and fellowship, and it’s a lot like breaking in a new pair of shoes. I have had two pairs of shoes in my life that made my feet bleed profusely within a hundred yards of donning them. One was a pair of dress shoes that eventually stretched out by me putting on three pairs of socks and walking around my dorm room. The other was a pair of “tennis” shoes (supposedly fashionable) that were thrown away without much of a second chance. Those were awful.

I’d like to suppose that all of the things that are new will end up like the shoes that did break in. Now they’re a little past their prime and in danger of being replaced, but they’ve had a long, good run once I got past the early strain. But that strain…whew. Makes me want to give up altogether…and not in a depressed, forlorn way…just a tired, I would rather go back to the old comforts way. Throw away the new shoes, wear the old ones, and look for a new pair with less enthusiasm.

But I’ll stick it out. The sun will come out tomorrow, a sense of accomplishment will eventually present itself when it comes to school work, and I’ll make friends and connections in this community that I’m in. I have to believe that God has me here intentionally and maintain hope that he’ll reveal it soon.


2 thoughts on “break in

  1. Holly

    At least you know that “the old shoes” are still there for you when you need to vent, or cry, or ask for prayers, when “the new shoes” are ready for that… Step. 😉

  2. clariknit Post author

    Thanks, Holly :). We should catch up sometime (you are most definitely not an old shoe, but a dear friend!! I didn’t think through my analogy very well! 🙂 ).

    Much love!


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