sensitive ears

My throat is sore. I think Day 1 is to blame. I teach 6 sections straight (minus a thirty minute hiatus for lunch). I am not a smart vocalist, so I over work my voice on these days. Please don’t misunderstand–I’m not complaining about it, as teaching six sections in a row vastly beats planning for six sections in a row (which even this year has shown improvement in fun-factor), but you won’t hear me saying much tomorrow. At all.

I’ve noticed this summer in particular that “white” noise is really bothersome to me. I can hear sounds that should be background and insignificant as quite prevalent and annoying. My neato-mosquito projector was humming today that drove me crazy. CRAZY. Now between the locusts, crickets, and something electronic in my apartment humming, my ears are tired.

I had a chance to read from Anne of Windy Poplars this afternoon for a pretty silent and sustained period. It was quite enjoyable, as I was not too distracted by other pressing needs and my awesome friend and roommate was on a run. I think I’ve fallen away from reading regularly because I don’t have a lot of quiet time. Not “quiet time” like with the Lord quiet time. That should probably be capitalized ;). Time without talking or much action. Reading Anne of Green Gables  is well-suited to that kind of time. I hope to find some more of it in the weeks to come.

I also hope to find something to do. I’m impatient for a connection group to start meeting. I’m spending a lot of time doing stuff that needs to be done at school, but at the cost of tiredness…if I could commit to other things, perhaps I would pull myself away more freely.

And, fittingly for a close, my ears have detected not one but two owls out in grassy field yonder from our apartment. Cool place to live :).


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