Daily Archives: September 4, 2011


It’s no giant secret that I love the fall, but days like today make me want to shout it. I LOVE THE FALL. At least here in Iowa. Granted, we’ve got like 20 more days until it’s official start, but the crispness to the air, the quality of the sunlight (please don’t mind the earlier sun-sets, folks!), the smells. What is not to love? Soon the leaves will change colors, too. Football has started (though yesterday’s rain and storming didn’t make it all too pleasurable for fans, undoubtedly), school is underway, and things like pumpkins, baking, and apples are sounding just right.

Labor day weekend is sometimes a last-ditch summer weekend packed with activity and motion, but this year I’m taking it easy. After a day in Ames, I went to church at Westwind, hung out in Johnston for a while and came back home to read, take a long walk, and now make some dinner (not sure what, but I’m definitely having fries in a “chips” fashion with vinegar and salt) with a movie. It’s quiet, I’m recovering from a cold, and I’m wearing sweats. Love it.

CGs are starting in October. I am counting down…although I’m not sure when in October, so my count isn’t official yet. Longing for Christ-centered fellowship with continuity right here in my community.

Peace to y’all… 🙂