Daily Archives: September 10, 2011

2 months, 1 month, 16 minutes.

2 Months (and 1 day) ago I ran midnight madness. I ran just one time after that in a blistering humid and hot day run the following week which ended with cramps prematurely. Then I took a break. A break for my class, a break for the quilt auction, for moving and school starting. As I’ve been thinking about starting again (finally a cool week), a comment that someone had made about my outward appearance a while back was lingering…bah. Why should that have anything to do with whether I run or not? ¬†For some reason it did. I kicked it today and hit the road with a podcast and a good attitude. The run was from week 4 (I didn’t want to overestimate my in-shape-ness, and I think I did okay at guessing), so just 16 minutes of running. More than a mile, but not too much.

It’s been a month since we moved in here. A month since summer concluded at camp and with my connection group. Much has happened, and yet it is hard to believe four weeks have passed. A paradox.

The Iowa/ISU game was a thriller down to the third overtime. Iowa came up short overall, but it was a good excuse to sit myself down and knit on a sock that started back in April or May or so. K will be pleased to know that I am determined to finish it. A friend, C, will be pleased to know that the fish hat is on the line-up to be finished. And should I ever acquire the yarn and willpower, the Baby Surprise Jacket (Elizabeth Zimmerman, to all my knitting peeps) is on the way. That is a beaut! I’d seen it before, but never had the inclination to make it.

Weekends go so fast, don’t they? Church starting at 10 doesn’t help…that means Sunday is mostly over by the time I get back from worship in Waukee. No worries. I appreciate the celebration time so much more than the peace-out time. They are both fulfilling.

BLTs for dinner (Thank you to HyVee for having a sale on good bacon, and for fareway for ad-matching) tonight…lovely!