Daily Archives: September 12, 2011

wait for it

I tried sock #2 again yesterday and got pretty far!

The first sock. Finished in MayI tried sock #2 again yesterday and got pretty far!

Today and yesterday were pretty stellar, weather wise, and not bad time-wise. I appreciated the ability to listen to the game, despite the outcome (one likes to be confident in her team’s ability to play…and not being able to see it didn’t help the ending in triple overtime). While listening I worked on the sock (the incomplete one pictured) you see here. Got a lot done. Capped the night with a reunion of sorts with someone returning from an abroad venture and the connection groupies (and comrades) who made my time in Ames so sweet. That time was really sweet…so thankful for the refreshment!

But today I was not in Ames. I was at church in Waukee, I was shopping a little bit, and I was bumming around in my apartment. Today I questioned God yet again…why am I here? I don’t even feel like it’s remotely home on days like today. Is that even worth sharing? Probably not…I do because I have had my pitiful soul reassured that God’s plan is worth delighting in because He is worth delighting in. Putting down roots is hard, painful, work. I’m sure there is really damp, growable soil (sorry, made that one up) in this county, but it’s decidedly not under me yet and so I strain and toil and forget to trust God with the aspect of fellowship and encouragement. G has been a big encourager, even sensing some of my strife today and praying with me…but I find myself frustrated that I repeatedly need a pep talk to turn to the one who offers supreme comfort and satisfaction. Why am I ever-so prone to wallow?

It’s definitely a growing season, and I’m looking forward to the harvest. Forgive me if this is a broken record.

Isn’t the quilt backdrop in the picture nice? That’s the quilt auction find of 2011…working as the booklet typer had its advantages. I became well acquainted with all of the quilts and set my heart on this one…I love it :). A big shout out to Pastor Karen in Marshalltown who made this with great skill and care!

Time for some cookie making, knitting, and podcasts.