Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

comeback kids, squirrel tails, and socks.

These socks are finished...minus weaving in and blocking...oops.

Today was an enjoyed Saturday. I’m stretching it out by writing now…it’s probably bed time, but I’m wide awake.

I began the day with coffee and reading a TK:  Generous Justice. I forgot I had it (I’ll be done soon, K), and so after finishing mystery book was glad to pick up something a little lighter than Systematic Theology first thing in the morning. You know…weak muscles and all that :). It’s heavy, too, as it would turn out, so with cup #2 of coffee I began my knitting frenzy of the day. I took a break for a puffy old fashioned egg pancake (shout out to KJ) with apples, cinnamon, and sugar on top. It was delicious and started the day well. Too bad it’s a mess or I’d make it more often. 3 eggs, 1/3 cup flour, 1/3 cup milk, some salt. Delicious. Bake for 20 minutes in a greased pie plate.

Sock #2 was knit on some more during the Iowa Game. Let me tell you, that was some disinterested listening. Yikes, they stunk for 2 and 1/2 quarters. But somewhere the fuse was lit and the Hawkeyes scored 3 touch downs in the fourth quarter alone. They came back from a 21-3 lead to win 31-24. Are you kidding me? I was pretty excited. After the game I played Chinese Checkers (for some reason I was about to abbreviate that…I’m in an abbreviation mood) with G and learned a new way to play (perhaps an authentic way to play, as G learned from her Chinese roommate in India). Ask me about it, and perhaps I’ll be able to play against you. It was way more fun than the usual method of one space or jumping movement. It involves mirroring.

After that I headed to WalMart with G and later Walgreens to get a redbox movie. I picked up things for my classroom…1000 craft sticks, 240 ziploc bags, fun fur, and an impulsive knitting book. I got home and got right to work with putting those sticks into “kits” of 12 or 18 sticks in ziploc bags. These will be used for rhythm dictation purposes. The fun fur is being made into “squirrel tail” necklaces for a rousing rendition of “Let Us Chase the Squirrel”, the short but beloved folksong that previously had NO game whatsoever. Now it’s a fun game, but it will be even better with the squirrel necklaces, believe you me. If you are reading this because you too want to make squirrel tail necklaces out of fun fur, note that I chain-stitched it into roughly 3′ chains and tied them into hopefully strongly knotted necklaces (about lei size for easy removal). If I were especially patient I would have chain-stitched actual tails extending further than the loop of the necklace. I’m not, evidently.

Then I got to work putting cookies together. Molasses cookies, a favorite from childhood. They’re more or less not-snappy ginger snaps (1 t. of ginger in them). The secret to their appearance and texture (a chewy, delicate consistency) is a drop of water on top of each ball right before going in the oven. They are great. My dad would probably love them.

Then after baking those I watched Jane Eyre with G. I’ll give you a heads up that it’s not a cheery story and that the book was far more understandable than the movie…or at least I felt that some of the details were hard to discern from the film (for example, we didn’t really find out that she stayed on at her awful school as a teacher until she became a governess). The Focus Films production of Pride and Prejudice had its flaws, too, but it was a more cohesive portrayal of the story. This one was a little jostled. [i had no idea that word had a “t” in it].

Now some knitting and thinking. I have been invited to another knitting fellowship opportunity. I wonder if God’s purpose for knitting in my life is bigger than I ever imagined. That’s kind of a big thing to think about. So I’ll knit some more. Interesting that when we’re close with someone it’s “close-knit” friendship. Not a coincidence, I think.

And so to it. Go Hawks, and good night!