Daily Archives: September 21, 2011


I am trying a new knitting pattern, courtesy of the Hennepin County Library and my sister who is a resident there. It’s Elizabeth Zimmerman’s “Baby Surprise Jacket”. After casting on 160 stitches and knitting 3.5 rows, I’ve paused to write. I’m debating whether or not to just save myself the heartache of frogging it later…I picked wool. Brown wool. Because I know I have enough (I’ve got to) of that kind. It’s knitting into a bit of a tweed (it’s flecked fisherman wool by Lion Brand)…but it’s not suitable for a baby. Part of me says, eh, knit away. The other part of me says it’s a waste of time…hmm. Maybe I’ll go finish another project and think about it.

Today has been a long day. The hours at school went pretty fast, too fast. Before I knew it it was 5:45 and my lesson plans weren’t quite finished. After doing some thinking (though I promised to not work at home tonight) tonight, I’ve got to fix some of the ones that were already done. Now that it’s almost 9:00, it continues to feel like a long day, but worse than that an unproductive one. Since getting home I’ve made dinner (a massive salad with wilting lettuce and going-rotten pearl tomatoes, homemade pita chips on top, and turkey), eaten it, and kind of sat with restlessness. I could read (theological or fiction…more Anne of Green Gables), I could write, I could knit. I really just want to get some exercise and make myself physically tired.

A handful of kids really warmed my heart today, despite the weight of the day’s work. My favorite was probably some boys at recess who asked me to watch them kick various recess balls over the backstop. They made sure I was watching (calling my name along with “Watch THIS one!!”). Some of them had quite the leg. Maybe I should let Coach Ferentz know…hehe.

On a slightly humorous note to close, today I broke a nail. Umm, why do you mention that Patty? Because…it’s never happened to me before! About 2 weeks ago (3?) I stopped biting my nails. I’ve never really tried long nails for long (they are fairly inconvenient for piano and guitar, which is probably how mine broke today), so it’s never been an issue before. It might have been from the book I was reading in which the subject told a little girl that she was biting the hands Jesus gave her. That is a pretty serious spin on what I used to consider a nervous, albeit gross, habit. I don’t think that’s really what inspired me totally, but it’s true just the same…so we’ll go with it.

The quiet of tonight has been good, despite the restlessness. There’s something about stillness and quiet that restores peace to my heart. That and the cup of tea I am about to enjoy. mmm. Peace!