I find out more and more that elementary music teachers are adored. Particularly by experience.

Besides the celebrity-reaction I get in the halls and at recess (much to the dismay of the line-basics police) and compliments (i.e. I like your shirt, I like your hair, I like your shoes, I like everything about you…and the like), I am spoiled to have kids running from their homes to greet me with a hug. I’m sure that’s a side effect of walking home, but it’s kind of a fun one. I suppose I could get a puffed ego from all the attention. But I think it pretty-well balances some of the more humbling aspects of my position…

I celebrated the adoration of today a little tonight by making some chicken pot pie and apple crisp. My friend H gave me the best pie crust recipe ever (so I’ve never even attempted another) and my only not-from-scratch ingredients frozen mixed veggies. I even made the chicken stock for the gravy. It was a little bland this time, so a bit more creativity with thyme, pepper, and other ingredients next time. The crust sure was flaky :).

[before you get too annoyed, this is the first time I’ve cooked all week…so I went all out].

I’m going to spend the last half hour or so of wakefulness reading. But let me sincerely wish some elementary-school adoration for you…it’s pretty sweet. 🙂

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