Daily Archives: September 25, 2011

story time

I went to a workshop today that got me thinking some more about story telling. I won’t pretend like I’m smart enough to analyze the condition of story telling in our young people, but in hearing from a Montessorian drama/music and Orff teacher, I was struck by the empowering of students to tell stories with artistry. Orff is like Kodaly, in that it’s a method for music education, but they have rather hilarious points of contrast (Orff encourages a lot of making up stuff, Kodaly is fairly anti-making up stuff…folksong loyalists). In any case, the rhythmic and instrumental applications of Orff are enviable and would surely go farther to make me an MVP with my students :).

Last night I watched Tangled and tonight I watched Little Women with my roommate. I find myself really enjoying the story in each case and feeling for┬áthe characters in their roles (I suppose they were both romances…but try to refrain from judgment, as I think my tastes in stories is diverse to the extent of extending beyond the genre!). Beth has a fairly poignant scene (on her deathbed) that had me weeping…as well as some rough spots for Jo, Lorry, and even Frederich Baehr.

I think I’ll do some more reading in my classroom this week :). I love a good story!