Daily Archives: September 28, 2011

tinkering in the kitchen

In order to celebrate national coffee week in finest style, I decided to settle down with a nice latte tonight. I made the syrup (a burnt-sugar, vanilla number that allowed me to melt sugar for the first time ever…I felt like a chemist, though I was probably too nervous to be a very believable chemist), got the espresso maker all put together (even grinding some espresso roast coffee that’s already open), steamed the milk and switched it over to “brew.” And nothing happened. It sounded like it was building pressure (I walked a couple steps backward like any cautious chemist) and steam was kind of coming out, but that was it.

By the sounds of some online forums I might have some crud to decalcify, but step #1 in all of these lovely “how to’s” is to run a cycle of water through first, then run a vinegar/water cycle. Umm, it’s not coming out at all, so not sure what that would accomplish. Another forum said to remove the “brew grid head and machine”…I assume that’s where the water comes out into the coffee area? Maybe?

Not sure. But I wasn’t really feeling the steamer I ended up with. I attempted to salvage the heated/steamed coffee grounds by doing my own version of a “drip method” coffee (first time ever)…more or less I put them in a tea-strainer and poured water over slowly. It looks…not good. I haven’t tried it yet.

Besides that, today was really warm. It surprised me when I went out for bus duty because it looked pretty chilly. There were a lot of gnats. Which reminds me. Last night I had a very vivid dream in which some of the events of yesterday were strung together…killing bugs was a recurrent theme. I saw one of the very bugs in my dream at school today. YUCK. Luckily some brave third graders killed it (and then told me all about it. I tried to conceal my opinion that they have achieved hero status…but they have). I know for all rational purposes that I am bigger than the bug and I can kill them without much pain, effort, or exuberance, but yeesh. I do not like them. Part of God’s creation that I am too blind to appreciate (though they are exquisitely put together…I’ll give you that. I’d rather look at their pictures than the creatures).

Now for some reading and maybe a refill of just plain tea. 🙂