Daily Archives: September 29, 2011

back to the knitting

my knit picks order came today. Such delight! To a new knitter, the prices might seem too high to pay (for example, $10 for a ball that makes a pair of socks with a little to spare), but the value is quite commendable. I am delighted to have some sock yarn, some lace yarn, and some cotton. Plenty to get started on!

Going on a run and cleaning like crazy last night went a long way to improve my mood. I found my sleep to be much better. Though I didn’t fight the wind (crazy advisory today) this evening, I think my teaching schedule today has me tired enough to sleep deeply again. And I’ll probably be knitting quite a bit, too. ┬áHehe.

I’ll post pix when I take them. I’m trying Hermione’s Everyday Socks (a Ravelry pattern). There are aggravating inconsistencies in the writing of the pattern (sometimes the pattern abbreviates words like knit and stitches, sometimes it doesn’t…who knows where the rhyme or reason is)…but hopefully it will knit up ok. Not a very interesting pattern from the looks of it, but it should work well with the way the variegated yarn is “pooling” (how the different colors line up).

Also, on the spiritual side of things, we talked about the spiritual song we’re doing in fifth grade chorus. It’s got a delightful “rock tempo” section with fun piano. The kids are hooked, for sure. It’s about Daniel (and being cautious not to overstep my teacher bounds)…”didn’t my lord deliver daniel, then why not every man.” I decided we should probably have the gist of Daniel to understand the purpose of the song. My students knew the story of Daniel and his three friends later on who were thrown into the fiery furnace and there was a 4th man and that was God.

um, I didn’t know that until a couple years ago. AWESOME!! I was so proud of the gal who told us about the lion’s den story. She was very clear and concise.

Dinnertime :). Enjoy some grooveshark: