Daily Archives: October 4, 2011


Today was a Monday, and a good one. I’m not a usual Monday-hater, so saying that today was a great Monday isn’t out of the norm, but it was a Day 6 which coincided with Monday…day 6 is probably my toughest day (with day 3 close behind)…and it was awesome. For the sake of professional discretion, I won’t go into detail, but it was a great day. Plus a 2nd grader told me I’m pretty much their BFF. It was very dear, though somewhat an exaggeration. But I appreciate the sentiment just the same.

My sock has reached a point of setback. The heel flap was knitted on the wrong needle, so it’s inside out. ARGH. I thought the inside looked more beautiful than the outside…for good reason. I think it should be a straightforward fix, but it will erase a good 2 hours worth of knitting…definitely not a big-scheme loss, but enough to tip the scales of motivation.

I didn’t have a proper supper tonight, so my stomach is in cahoots, too. I should remedy that. I went on a walk and then to a small bible study gathering and definitely didn’t plan very well in my time between school and that. At least I got out. It was beautiful today/tonight, and the leaves are gorgeous.

I’ve started assembling my sub folder. I think my plot/plan/whatever is to hit hard a couple games in class and then reserve them for subs only. Kindergarten has the longest list of “things they can do on their own with little prompting” because we’ve been doing lots of repetition with quick nursery-rhyme-ish songs in our 6 weeks so far. Way cute, I promise. Seeing their faces for Naughty Kitty Cat…well, you should try to do that sometime. I tell them to be very stern. Wouldn’t that be a joy to encounter as a sub? Especially a non-musical one? A class that can basically run itself? I know. Regardless of my pause for lofty dreams, it’s a big undertaking and requires xerox copies and summarizing/instructional notes for each piece…work, work, work.

There’s a delay in some of the church planting developments…connection groups will start in January. This information makes me glad that I didn’t wait too long to get going with the WDM group I’m in, but if I said I wasn’t disappointed, I’d be fibbing. I am. I had expectations for sooner than that. Am I mad? Upset? No. Not at all. My heart is longing for roots and purpose in this place (still). G read me a verse from Colossians 2 that talked about putting our roots right in God Himself. Those are the kinds of roots I should be concerned about, clearly. For tonight I’ll be sad, but I know in the big scheme waiting until January to start over once more isn’t that long or that daunting. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

But I better see about that dinner… 🙂