Daily Archives: October 5, 2011

turning the corner

My big sock blunder (…needle #2…) is yesterday’s news. Tonight I settled down (after taking care of the essentials, which included cleaning the bathroom and putting away laundry) to fix my sock mistake. I am not a historically conscientious knitter…I have knowingly left errors in projects past. Un-knitting (or tink-ing (which is knit backwards) or frogging (because you “rip-it, rip-it”) is not a favorite skill of mine within the needlecraft. Probably because it erases evidence of time spent, all the while costing more time. Do I knit to show time? No, but the progress I make is measured somewhat by time. For example, I had one Christmas break to knit an entire afghan for a gift once. I made it happen. My most afghan (for my dad) took 2+ years to complete…mostly because I was lazy in finishing it, but hey. Time was marked.

Anyway, I tink-ed, frogged, whatever you like, got my heel flap put on the correct needle (#2) and turned the heel. I’ve put it down for now because I’ve reached a limit for the evening, but the gusset (the foot part) is the homestretch. We’re talking mindless, fast knitting. Thinking ahead to sock #2 and the project after that knitting. 🙂

I will note that I have not given this pattern much credit. It’s written with some typographical inconsistencies that are annoying for a shorthand-pattern-copy-er (that confused me enough to put the heel on the wrong needle the first time; not bitter, but hoping to remember for next time), BUT it has the most adorable heel ever. In fact, for all of my complaining about the texture of the rest of the sock being dull, the heel is so great. All sock patterns I have ever seen have a fairly reinforced, thick heel. Not the part that you walk on (which is always the first to wear out in socks that I wear), but the part of the sock that cradles your Achilles. Often the reinforcement looks like ribbing and is ugly. In this pattern, the slipping pattern is offset (no ridges that way) and bordered by garter stitch. Those garter stitches are beautifully picked up using a technique shown here for the Mason Dixon log-cabin blanket. It’s unique. It’s perfect.

I think Tuesdays could easily become knit-nights for me. Not necessarily an organized one (with snacks, people, and knitting materials for borrow/purchase), but an intentional one, just the same. It’s good for this week, anyway.

I better head to bed and greet the Day 2 that follows this night. 🙂 Peace to you!