I went to the world food festival last night. Very neat, especially to have my choice of ethnic cuisine (I opted for Ethiopian Wot and Tibs…served over rice…and some baklava from the Turkish stand) in the company of some new pals and the rest of Des Moines. There wasn’t much to do besides buy and eat food though. The band playing wasn’t much of an attraction…but it was good to mill around the streets of down town.

Today I have been in the kitchen a lot. I made 2 chicken pot pies and an apple crisp. I feel like there was something else, but maybe I’m thinking of the mess I didn’t finish cleaning up. It was kind of massive, so I left what remained between sinks of water. It’s not a very good day for baking and for eating pot pie…because it’s hot! I think I heard it’s close to 80 degrees. In October. Wild.

Now I’m working on knitting. “Kitchener” comes from a knitting technique to close up socks. I always have to dig out the directions.  My question: at what point will it become as old hat as knit and purl?

I’ll be sure to mention when I know. Happy fall!

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