This week is off to an encouraging start. My Sunday was spent with loved ones and at Westwind. Can I just gush that the church I am joining has an encouraging perspective? I realize that it’s age means there is a lot of hard work to see some of its greatest ideas through (and even more so once New Heights is planted), but I am so excited. Moved even to tears by the way that God has answered my pleading for a church home without compromising a lot (teaching, doctrine, body especially). Am  I totally wise and discerning? Not at all except for the wisdom and discernment which God has given me. But he’s given it alongside great joy.

Today at work I was tired…not an encouraging start, but a sluggish one. I did manage to get a lot of laminating done (perhaps why I felt so sluggish…cutting lamination doesn’t seem to be productive because it takes so long to catch up with 562 3″x3″ cards I had cut out and numbered. I have all but about 100 cut out at this point (I brought a bunch home too) and have called it a cuttin’ night. I have some laundry to fold, some ST to read, and some knitting to ENJOY.

God is to be trusted for the future and the present, but I find myself wondering “How Long, O Lord?”…are my roots here meant to last? I know that regardless of knowing that I should go for it (what have I to lose if my time here is richer with people)…but I’m thinking also of deeper roots. Would I settle here for a longer season? The honeymoon is kind of over, you know? I haven’t done a lot of loving on this town, but as much as it isn’t necessarily my top pick for location…I do live here. Shouldn’t it begin to feel home and less foreign at some juncture? I hope so.

I made carmel corn tonight. Whoa. Lock that stuff away from me. I can’t stop. I added cashews so as to make it like poppycock. A very good and very bad idea all at the same time. It’s even MORE enticing now. Writing about it isn’t helping me to “just say no” for the evening after having my fill of a very delectable piece of salmon with some couscous and a salad. It’s not that hard to make, though it is a bit of an endeavor with its multiple steps.

Looking forward to some twin time this weekend. Get this: Twindianola. Genius, right? Especially after “Twinneapolis, Twinnesota” was coined by my twin during one of my initial visits.

Love. It. And that’s a wrap.

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