Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

join the club

There’s nothing like being at school early to work on lesson plans and having a club started. Not even joking. I had approached some students who were knitting with me during their recess last year about starting a knitting club and they came back this morning saying “did you forget? why didn’t we make a club?” [i figured they had forgotten]. I don’t know if we’ll take off the ground with this, but there was so much interest today. That means I am knitting with staff and students. And friends. And family. Crazy. Can’t wait!!

I got a special request to teach “Acorn Brown” today. I had to dig through last year’s plans and search for a resource with it. I am not sure where it ended up originating, but I have a lone copy in a folder in my desk. It’s way cute, so I’ll put the words here. You’ll have to google search for the tune. Just a warning though: hearing this sung by five and six year olds pretty much melts your heart…so be prepared.

I’m a little acorn brown
Lying on the cold, cold ground.
Everybody steps on me
That is why I’m cracked, you see.
I’m a nut (click click), in a rut (click, click)
I’m a nut, in a rut (click, click)

Finally a use for tongue clicks besides the usual “repeat after me” attention getters. Can’t wait till tomorrow when it hits the lineup for the very first time this fall.

I went on a run tonight to improve my state of lethargy. I’ve been unshakeably tired…even going to bed a little earlier I haven’t been catching up. Caffeine is not the answer…probably just need to sleep more. Who has time for that? 🙂

I’ve got some tracks to make knitting-wise. All the yarn I ordered is sitting on the shelf beckoning. I hear you, yarn! I’m coming!