Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

the day the world stopped…er…

When I was in high school, this was the big day. In fact, it was the measure of time itself (days until this day….days since this day, and the like). All State Audition Day. I can’t tell you how weird (and how neat) it is to be involved with all state on the other end…working in one of the 6 audition sites across the state of Iowa. Though a certifiably long day (much more so on the working end timewise, though I am sure the auditioning doesn’t feel any shorter with as much stress and anxiety as it can foster), it’s a good day with reunions, memories, and familiar names.

I don’t miss high school, don’t wish I could audition for all state again (earning a performance degree holds plenty more opportunities for nervous auditions with longer lasting results than one weekend of tooth-shifting rehearsals), but I do miss the clarinet playing. I do. Going to have to do something about that. I know, how many times can I say it before it happens and sticks…but for real.

I am wiped and should think about bedtime.