Taking the morning

Next week is our conference week. I don’t get a lot of visitors then, so it’s a good time to do projects (perhaps I’ll get really handy with a paper-cutter and the laminator before then so I can spend hours upon hours cutting out laminated cards for Turkey Poker…), get ahead, and practice piano.

Today I was given the morning off on one of those conference days (not a morning off from teaching, but from an inservice we have scheduled) to accommodate my 80% hours. I didn’t initially want to take it because I enjoy the time collaborating with my colleagues so much (with us being in separate buildings, it doesn’t happen too often), but I’m warming up to it. An extra cuppa coffee that day, I think!


Pardon me while I gush a bit about NEW HEIGHTS Church that is a-comin’ to town. We had a meeting this week to learn the story of the plant and pray for the community and the church, and it was sweet…even if I was a little tired (I more or less fell asleep sitting up on the best couch of all time and then came home and crashed right away). Connection groups start in January, which isn’t all that far away. I mean, November’s not even here and it’s basically spoken for. Crazy. I’ll be in Ames for 2 full weekends, Iowa City for 2 more, and MPLS for one in the middle. Then December is hectic…it’s like the second quarter is over before it started.

Today I asked some freshly acquainted with “tiri-tiri” third graders (or tikka tikka, if you know that…sixteenth notes) what a rhythm with four sounds that gets one beat is called and a lot of them did great! I have great aspirations for second quarter being learning-packed. Woohoo!

As for now, I need to defy the clock and have one more cuppa tea before bed. It’s cool outside, so it feels right…though it was 80 degrees in here when I got home from school today…I think 2nd floor will be about like 3rd floor was last year :).

Mmk, good night!


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