Daily Archives: October 29, 2011

pita chips, coffee shops, and halloween thoughts

Today I was headed home from a lunch/coffee date with my friend B (who drove all the way from Ames to hang with me!) and I saw a mail carrier dressed up for Halloween. It wasn’t a little costume accessory, it was full face paint and costume, scary Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter costume. EEK. I am not an unHalloween person (I can understand why some are), but I am not a big fan of the scary costumes and the adults who wear scary costumes in public. If you want to wear that costume at a party, Mr. Postman, go for it. Delivering mail? Get outta town. Thankfully I am not a postal customer in his territory.

Listening to the Hawkeye game has not been very fun up to this point. I guess they just scored, but yeesh. I’ve been sitting here comatose in the living room listening because it’s been so dull and then decided to make some pita chips. Very good. I cut up some oldish pitas in the fridge (from Trader Joe’s), and then brushed them with olive oil (that I stirred basil, pepper, salt, and garlic powder into) and baked them for 10ish minutes at 400F. Quite tasty, though could probably go a little longer for more crispy.

This weekend has been a monsoon for coffee shop visiting. I went to one yesterday, one today, and have a plan for tomorrow as well. I might need a break from coffee pretty soon :). We’ll see.

This being my last Saturday at home for a while I am very very thankful for the quietness of it. I still need to clean up the apartment for a knitting lesson happening tomorrow, but no pressure. Woohoo. Gearing up for conferences week as well. And a program. And my first sub-day of the year (all state conference). And THANKSGIVING!!! Can’t wait!

Better go back to those pita chips. So good.