Daily Archives: November 3, 2011

I was positively giddy awaiting Zumba tonight. I was probably giddy when I saw the new schedule that included it for the first time. I anticipated sweet choreography and fun ladies of every age, ability, and shape moving to music. That was my experience with the class in Ames. I had fun, more so than a workout video (sorry K, I’m not the biggest loser’s biggest fan for workout videos)…but it was tough. My mind wandered in the middle of non-stop high cardio dances to the Biggest Loser when contestants are yelping and crying and being yelled at to “push through”. I’m going back, but it’ll take some getting in shape and getting used to…HA. I imagine waking up is going to be hard to do tomorrow.

It was really fun to be joined by some Indianola friends, too. I don’t put a lot of stuff on facebook (well, compared to previous years), but my invitation to join in Zumba reached a few, and I’m so glad for it :).

Weirdest thing (besides weights, push-ups, and mountain climbers in the choreography)…no lights. There was some light bleeding in over the partition walls and a string of led-style Christmas lights under the mirror (a blueish hue)…but the overhead lights were off. Maybe it gets super hot if they’re on (it was already quite warm), but who knows. Maybe different teachers turn the lights on. I’ll check it out.

I should head to bed. Peace!