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Red, Red…eye

I am writing this following another first. At least I believe it to be a first. I put an eye-drop in my own eye (which has been mysteriously red for 7 days). What the bottle fails to tell you is that it seems less intimidating to hold it kind of level, but the drop rolls down the bottle and onto your fingers. It is really intimidating to put a bottle near your eye at my age (having not done it before). Contact wearers, I salute you and respect you immensely.

It’s that time of year…when you start looking at January 1st as its traditional “new beginnings”. Did I make resolutions last year? Did I keep any? 2011 went really fast…and I’ll give you a stats overview…

1. I knitted my first, second, third, fourth, and fifth pair of socks. Not including some wretched attempts before this year (which were made with worsted weight yarn and a whole lot of guessing about technique)

Pair #4

2. I ran my first 5K race, plus a whole lot of miles in preparation.

I'm the spec waving to you...after the first 200 yards or so of the race.

3. I drank approximately 70 gallons of coffee (assuming I had at least 24 oz. per day). There were days I didn’t have that much, there were days I had much more. Some might be ashamed of that number, perhaps even puzzled as to why I have included it here. It’s a stat I was able to figure out fairly easily…so here it is. 🙂

4. I taught approximately 180 days in 2011 (this number could be verified by me going through and counting…but I am not doing that). I’ve taught about 270 days total now. Which sounds a lot more experienced than 1.5 years :)…or something.

5. I had 4 concerts of my own in 2011 and attended a handful more.

6. I continued to visit a number of churches, but selected ONE which is happily planting another one in Indianola on Easter!

7. I got certified in Kodaly (level 1) and continue to find the lessons learned to be helpful in planning and instructing young minds in music.

8. I lived in 2 different addresses, moving to the current one in August. Now I happily walk to and from work and the grocery store from my abode. I suppose my happiness is dependent on the afternoon weather (compared to the morning).

9. I went to Mpls 4 times to see KJ. She came to Iowa a few times, too 🙂

My mind for stats is exhausted at the moment. Maybe I’ll think of some more later. 🙂



There was a kid in my math class nicknamed TKO. I don’t remember what his name was (and honestly, probably couldn’t pick his face out of a picture correctly…I didn’t take the class with people in my graduating class). Anyway…I had to ask what TKO meant. Technical Knock Out, right? Yesterday I got knocked out…but before you get too worried, it was just by a cold. I was feeling pretty lowly, so I scooted right home after school and stayed in my bed (with the exception of a little bit of tea/food time) from 3:30 until this morning. I felt SO much better after resting for 15 hours that I thought I was healed. This many hours later (all of which being upright), I’d say I’m on the road to recovery but have a ways to go.


Christmas break is almost upon us. WHEW. I love the kiddos, don’t get me wrong. My job has been pretty enjoyable all school year, even as I realize more and more how much MORE there is to learn…that’s staggering. But everyone’s itching. I don’t know how many times I’ve done Jingle Bells (there’s a dance I learned at a couple workshops) this year, but I am putting it on the endangered-of-never-being-taught-again list. Sick. Of. That. Song. But there are some variations to the dance and the song that are making it worthwhile. Not to mention the looks on the kids faces when we do all the stuff we just practiced slow (and singing only) with the recording that’s easily twice as fast. 🙂

I’m taking third grade to the Nutcracker on Friday and they are THRILLED. I taught the Nutcracker in a different way this year and I think it was really successful in capturing their hearts and attention. Can’t wait to watch them watch it! The performance itself may or may not be as awesome :).

Better get to work on  my cookies…doing the recipe I mentioned on March 14th. So good!


Reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s post about test knitters and payment and then all the comments from knitters who are or are not paid for their willingness to test out patterns (or barter system) has me thinking about the price of knitting…or the cost. I tend to get most of my patterns free…either from, Ravelry users’ posts, or the library. I don’t really put much toward the “knitting industry”, as it was called in the blog post.

Which has me thinking about artists and their livings. Just being an artist doesn’t necessitate hand-outs (even if you are skilled at it, in the business world you won’t see consumers buying products they won’t use or want just because you need to eat dinner tonight), but it also doesn’t mean its consumers should expect free stuff all the time.

I mean…it makes sense.

Am I going to start buying patterns like nobody’s business? Not at this point…there’s too much to finish that I already have patterns for. But it has me thinking about selling things or having works commissioned. Pretty sure there isn’t much hope for that EVER being profitable, as the cost of materials and time would add up to be way too much for the average non-knitter to pay for a pair of socks. Or mittens. Or a stocking cap. I mean, you can walk over to WalMart and pick up “the same thing” for pennies.

Ha. Same thing. Ha.

In other news, I made a fantastic meal tonight–salmon chowder and Red Lobster-like cheddar biscuits (minus the cheddar because we ran out). SO good. Even enough for some leftover tomorrow! I didn’t repeat my mistake with the salmon that I made nearly a year ago…i bought the skinless and boneless variety (and probably used a little less). Also used sour cream instead of half and half (mixed with milk for creamy “broth”). Except it wasn’t much, so don’t get excited. 🙂


It was in all a very rich meal, however. I am still quite full. Better go back to meeting a knitting deadline, at no pay cut to me! The joy of a hobby, I guess. 🙂

peace to you