Daily Archives: December 14, 2011


There was a kid in my math class nicknamed TKO. I don’t remember what his name was (and honestly, probably couldn’t pick his face out of a picture correctly…I didn’t take the class with people in my graduating class). Anyway…I had to ask what TKO meant. Technical Knock Out, right? Yesterday I got knocked out…but before you get too worried, it was just by a cold. I was feeling pretty lowly, so I scooted right home after school and stayed in my bed (with the exception of a little bit of tea/food time) from 3:30 until this morning. I felt SO much better after resting for 15 hours that I thought I was healed. This many hours later (all of which being upright), I’d say I’m on the road to recovery but have a ways to go.


Christmas break is almost upon us. WHEW. I love the kiddos, don’t get me wrong. My job has been pretty enjoyable all school year, even as I realize more and more how much MORE there is to learn…that’s staggering. But everyone’s itching. I don’t know how many times I’ve done Jingle Bells (there’s a dance I learned at a couple workshops) this year, but I am putting it on the endangered-of-never-being-taught-again list. Sick. Of. That. Song. But there are some variations to the dance and the song that are making it worthwhile. Not to mention the looks on the kids faces when we do all the stuff we just practiced slow (and singing only) with the recording that’s easily twice as fast. 🙂

I’m taking third grade to the Nutcracker on Friday and they are THRILLED. I taught the Nutcracker in a different way this year and I think it was really successful in capturing their hearts and attention. Can’t wait to watch them watch it! The performance itself may or may not be as awesome :).

Better get to work on  my cookies…doing the recipe I mentioned on March 14th. So good!